Treninzi Za Evropsko Udruzenje Pacijenata Sa Alergijama

Belgrade, March 30th 2023

“Communication strategy, media trainings and public performances” were the topics of the three-day training, “Fund raising, lobbying” of the two-day training, and “Online strategy, social networks and new trends in online communication” of the one-day training for the NGO “Allergy and me”, all of which was part of the EU institutions’ support program for non-governmental organizations and patient associations.

As part of and after the training, new communication strategies and new fund raising and networking programs were realized, all in the function of raising the awareness of the wider public, media, state, health and educational organizations of Serbia about the problems faced by patients with allergies.

According to research from other countries, as well as parallel analyses, more than 3.5 million inhabitants in Serbia suffer from allergies. How big a problem it is, is also shown by the fact that there are only ten allergists working in Serbia, and there is not a single specialized health facility or clinic, so patients have to fend for themselves, most often by going to Croatia or other countries.