In accordance to the latest educational standards, and by using case studies, the role play method and creative workshops, the Communication Training Center transfers skills of international leading experts in communication, marketing, public relations, psychology, as well as business communication to those for whom the programs were designed. The goal of the Communication center is to pass on the skills of leading experts and give the students practical knowledge in order to improve their communication skills as well as the communication of their organizations.

Who are programs of the Communication Training Center intended for?

  • Profit organizations (industry and services)
  • Media
  • Government organizations (Ministries, Government institutions, Local Governments and Local Community organizations)
  • Humanitarian organizations and NGOs (international and domestic)
  • Non-profit Organizations (science, education, health, culture, sport etc.)
  • The other non-profit organizations (chambers, associations, civil groups etc.)
  • Political organizations

How long do the programs last for?

The main goal of the tailored maid programs is to build capacities in corporate communication and personal communication skills in order to produce organizational and personal efficient communication and to overcome communication problems.

One of our specific goal is to produce sucessfull comunicators, and to help organizations ans theri leader to develop their own style of successful communication.

Programs last from 2 hours (shortest) to several weeks.

What are the areas of our business?

Public relations

Corporate Communication, Crisis Communication, Employee relations, Media Relations; Public Affairs, Online communication, International PR etc.


Psychology of communication; Media management; Media marketing; Journalism; Internet in marketing; Web publishing; Selling techniques; Communication in service activities; Research;

Quality standards in communication

Business etiquette and communication; Communication with difficult colloquists; Camera appearance; Radio appearance; Protocol; Business attire and styling