Public Relations Business School is the first institution of its kind in this part of Europe. According to the standards of internationally recognized business schools, Public Relations Business School began its work in 1993 with a goal of transferring skills of successful communication of organizations and individuals in the most optimal way. Until today, School has educated over 2000 applicants, who today lead PR and marketing businesses in our most significant organizations.

Several applicants are now on high state functions,  the rest of them are in leading domestic and foreign companies and organizations in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in dozen of European, Australian, North and South American countries. Many owners, managers and employees in public relations agencies in the region have been our students.

Teaching program is made according to the international educational standards. It is practiced by professors, domestic and international experts with rich experience in international PR practice and giving lectures in Serbia and in foreign countries.

Public Relations Business School’s goals

Public Relations Business School is striving for:

  • Transferring the international knowledge about PR in our country and creating necessary PR personnel for our profit and non-profit organizations
  • Establishing international standards in communication and in culture of life in general
  • Establishing public relations as a discipline management to the highest level in profit and non-profit organizations
  • Showing that there is a need for public relations experts in organizations
  • Creating new experts and furthering the specialization of people in PR and communication field
  • Establishing ties of mutual interest between economy and media


Lectures are functioning in a contemporary way: audiovisual materials and practical examples are transferring set of skills needed for public relations. Case studies and workshops are integral parts of every lecture. Workshops are functioning in small groups with mentor’s guidance. For the most successful ones there is a possibility of a higher educational level – work on projects in P.R.A. public relations agency and in other PR and advertising agencies.


Saturdays 10:00 AM – 17:00 PM, Požeška 67a


Criteria for the final grade are:

Participating in the lectures, successful workshops, tasks, practical work in PR, essay at the end of the first semester and final essay at the end of the second semester, including constant evaluation of the applicants.

Essay topic is chosen by the applicant with an affirmation from School Management Board.

Business School diploma is given to those who successfully finish two semesters of Business School for public relations.

Diploma for finished first educational level in public relations is given to those who finish only one semester.

Certificate for attending the lectures in Public Relations Business School is given to applicants who didn’t successfully finish all tasks, workshops and essay.