The communication skill that I acquired in Public Relations Business School helps me every day in my political work and especially when I intensively communicated as the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

This is something completely different fom the other similar schools, primarily because of the interactive teaching techniques and their quality, authority and suggestiveness of the lecturers, as well as because of the quality of the course program.

The School introduced me into a new world of business, across I moved forward, sure and confident – thanks to obtained knowledge. This gave me the base and impulse to believe in fulfilling my own mission.

The School met all of my expectations, and together with good explanations, practical workshops make it easier to understand the theory in many ways. After the first lecture I had a much clearer picture of what the job of PR really is.

I like the concept of lectures very much, becasue of the two-way comunication, and because of the concept itself, the method of presentation and the selection of informtaion that are transfered to the students.

As someone who was not very familiar with the PR profession, the most important for me was to understand how to use PR as the vital management tool and function. Beside having fantastic lectures, actual practical exercises such as case studies and creative workshops were of great importance to me.

First we went trough theortecial part, which was detaly sistemized, and then we had a quite authentic practice – where we implemented the theoretical part. That concept of the lectures led me to start to think about the ways to implement what we study in my own work environment.

Public Relations Business School enables specialization through creatively designed mosaic, made of knowledge transfer, best lecturers, with the emphasis on the team work and students having a good time.

Good communication is important in every position, especially when you work in a big system, like Zepter. I use knowledge acquired in Public Relations Business School every day, and it helps me a great deal, not only in my work, but in private life as well.

My position involves constant communication: with children and their parents, doctors, government officials, represents of the media. The skills acquired in Public Relations Business School helped me tremendously in my everyday life and work. I consider education in PR useful for everyone employed in health care, especially health institutions directors.

I was under an impression that I was among of the chosen ones, to use a metaphor. Teaching program is concise, interesting, meaningful and very challenging – all of this suits me. That was exactly what I expected from an elite school.