Terms of enrollment are knowledge or experience in public relations, media, journalism, marketing or advertising, and/or sense for that type of job (communicability, strategic way of thinking, creativity) and fast learning.

The price of the tuition fee (elementary and applied A level) for one applicant is 560€. The price includes the cost of lectures, practical work and study material.

One generation consists of 20 chosen participants.

Lecture Plan - Basic level

Basics of public relations (Predrag Vujović)

  • Concept definitions
  • PR and marketing
  • PR and other communication models
  • Communication management
  • Examples of good practices

 Case study: PR in crisis

Communicology basics

  • Communication process
  • Communication models
  • Principles of successful communication
  • Examples of good practices

Creativity  Creative techniques / Brainstorming techniques (preparations for workshop)

Workshop: Crisis communication / participants are gathered in four groups in order to develop communication plan and activities for defined situations

Marketing and promotion strategy (Predrag Vujović)

  • Elements of marketing
  • Marketing mix
  • Marketing / PR philosophy
  • Promotion strategy planning

Case study: Examples of good practices: PR and marketing in campaign

  • Promotion strategy
  • Promotion mix
  • Marketing communication
  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Sales promotion
  • Advertising campaigns

Workshop: Promotion strategies, Add Campaigns

Media and public relations (Nebojša Ćurčić)

  • Contemporary mass media
  • News agencies
  • Print media
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Editorship
  • Types of media
  • Communication channels

Case study: Serbia’s media scene


  • Forms of journalism

Case study: Functioning of an editorial office, types of journalistic expression

Workshop: Media data base

Workshop: Writing press information

Public opinion and research (Dejan Radosavljević)

  • Types of research in PR
  • Public opinion pools
  • Corporate image research
  • Research techniques
  • Writing research projects and reports
  • Quantitative and qualitative media content analysis

Case study: Public opinion researches, research results analysis

Workshop: Public opinion polls / public opinion makers & leaders attitudes research /
employees attitude research / focus groups – attendants are gathered in 4 groups

Media visits

Beta – news agency

  • News agency organization structure
  • How News agency works?
  • Editorial office
  • How to communicate with a news agency

Radio Beograd 202

  • Radio – how this media works?
  • Radio information production process
  • Program scheme
  • Editorial office


  • Print daily how it works?
  • Roles of editors and journalists
  • Editorial offices
  • “Production” process
  • Pre-press process

Visit to: Editor in Chief, Desk and other editorial offices

Lecture Plan - Applied Level

Corporate Communication  (Predrag Vujović)

  • PR function of strategic management
  • Corporate identity / corporate image
  • Mission
  • Vision

Communication strategy

  • Communication objectives
  • Basic principles of successful communication
  • Strategy development
  • Communication tools with various publications
  • Program of activities
  • Action plan production

Case study: Methodology for defining communication strategy and Action Plan

Organization of communication of the organization * Phases in the introduction / reorganization
of PR functions * Latest trends in the organization of PR functions * How to set PR within the organization

Creative workshop: Introduction / reorganization of public relations function in the organization

Internal PR (Svetlana Mirković Borčić)

  • Corporate culture, corporate identity
  • Internal PR development strategies
  • Internal communication
  • Motivation of employees
  • Cooperation between HR and Internal PR

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities (Marina Savić)

Case Study: Internal PR Campaign

Case Study: Corporate Social Responsibility Atlantic Group (Štark)

Creative Workshop: Internal PR Campaigns

Media relations

  • Institutional communication with the media
  • Joint actions with the media

Case study: Media base

Press relations / Meeting with journalists

  • Division of journalist’s
  • Press relations tools
  • How to communicate with journalists
  • Media newsletter
  • Press materials
  • Writing in journalism

Case Study: Organization of press conferences

Media information

  • Rules for writing information for the media
  • Journalist’s rules
  • How to draw attention
  • Examples of successful practice

Creative workshop: Creating a media folder map

Creative workshop: Writing information for the media

On-line campaigns (Predrag Nikolić / Zoran Torbica / Nebojša Ćurčić)

  • On-line communication strategy
  • Social networking campaigns
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • You Tube
  • Practical examples: how to communicate in specific situations
  • Strategies on-line communication in crisis situations
  • On-line and on-line communication

Case studies: Social media campaigns

Case studies:
Twit Up

Protocol (Lazar Odanović)

  • Business prefessional standards and procedures
  • Internal protocol
  • Protocol with foreign guests
  • VIP guests

Case study: Diplomatic protocol

Styling / dress code (Ashok Murty)

  • Business Dress Code
  • Standard dress code for the business world

Public Affairs – Public Relations – Government Relations (Predrag Vujović / Simona Mirela
Miculescu / Slavica Marković Sandić)

  • Government relations
  • Local government relations
  • Brending Nation/Contry/Region/Municipalities

International PR (Simona Mirela Miculescu)

Lobbying in Serbia / Lobbying in the EU

  • Who and how to lobby?
  • Lobbying strategy
  • Characteristics of the lobbyist
  • Creating networking
  • Leading networking

Case study: Swedish government brand elements (Slavica Markovic Sandic, Embassy of Sweden)

Case study: Organization of the European Union Information Center

Case Study: Public Education Campaign for Privatization in Montenegro


  • Predrag Vujović President of School Management Board

Studies and specializations in Italy and Netherlands. Professor at Business School Utrecht (Netherlands) and several domestic faculties. Author of PR campaigns: Winter Olympic Games Sarajevo 84, Univerzijada Zagreb 97, EXPO Sevilla 92, EP 2005, Government of Yugoslavia social and economic reforms promotion (Prime minister Ante Marković). Longtime consultant of several governments in the Balkan regions and many domestic and international organizations. Bearer of Golden World Award for Excellence IPRA, WYBA award and many international and domestic awards. EU Delegation in Serbia EUIC key expert.

  • Srbobran Branković director of TNS Medium Gallup Serbia and member of School Management Board

Director of Center for public opinion Medium on the Institute for political studies and manager of Sector for researching in P.R.A. Belgrade. Author of numerous domestic and international researches in the field of public opinion, public relations and marketing. Author of the book “Rađanje javnog mnjenja i političkih stranaka” and “Serbia in war with itself”.

  • Tijana Mandić member of School Management Board

Psychologist and professor on Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade. Specializations in USA and Great Britain. Member of the International Association of lecturers in the field of transactional analysis. Published books: “Sudbina tela”, “Menjati se, a ostati isti”, “Transakciona psihoterapija” i “Komunikologija – psihologija komunikacije”.

  • Marko Čadež President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Marko graduated at the Academy for Marketing Communications, Frankfurt, and specialized at international programs in Denmark, Germany and Bulgaria. He is also a Licensed Trainer for Multimedia Journalism and Trainer for Strategic Communication Management. He was long term German Embassy Spokesperson and Editor-in-chief of online magazine “Politikas” of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Belgrade and TV programs author.

  • Slavko Kovačević,  marketing consultant and professor on Faculty of Management

Professor and lecturer on faculties, specialization studies for marketing and propaganda. Author of numerous projects for domestic and foreign companies in the field of marketing strategy. Manager of IMC specialization for marketing.

  • Živorad Anđelković, former assistant of Major of Belgrade

Longtime director of Parking Service. Has a master degree in the PR of public corporations with special review of Internal PR. Manager and lecturer on specialization on Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade.

  • Vladan Alimpijević, P.R.A. media consultant

After the specialization from media in Bologna (Italy), he worked with Tanjug, Studio B, Sky news, BBC, Nipon TV and in agency WTN (now AP TV), ORF, ZDF, UN TV… Longtime editor in chief and editor of NTV, Studio B, TV Politika, Danas. Author of over thousand television interviews in tv shows NTV Paket, Lična istorija, TV Duel, Presing and Intervju nedelje.

  • Nebojša Ćurčić, P.R.A. media on line consultant

Has a degree in journalism and a specialization in European law in Belgrade and Nancy (France). Longtime editor: Student, Politika, Intervju, Dnevne novine; editor in chief of Treći Milenijum, correspondent of the Greece agency Premium, media consultant of Telekom Serbia. Longtime editor of Trident media on line publications (www.nadlanu.com; www.mondo.rs …) President of the Association for EU integration.

  • Dejan Radosavljević, psychologist, general director of Mosaic B.C.A. Agency

Specialist in market research and public opinion. Interested in different methods and fields of FMCG product market research. Realized large number of research projects of numerous domestic and foreign agencies.

  • Zoran Blažina, graphic designer and regular professor on Faculty of Applied Arts

Author of many design solutions, campaigns, lecturer on Faculty of Applied Arts

  • Svetlana Mirković Borčić, International expert for internal communication and HR

Trainer and consultant in internal communication and HR, lecturing in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Scandinavian countries, Iceland, USA, Indonesia. Long term Internal and HR director in Phoenix Pharma and Actavis and Deputy Executive Director in American Chamber of Commerce.

  • Ashok Murty, stylist

Creator of personal styling of tv hosts and speakers on Pink TV and BK TV. Working on theatre, film and TV projects. As an art director he participated in numerous add campaigns.

  • Darko Kocjan, editor in chief of Radio Beograd 202

Longtime editor and host of Radio Beograd 202, Radio Pingvin, Radio Index. Author of many radio projects and campaigns. Books: : “Epruveto srećan ti 8. mart”, “Kad ja tamo a ono međutim”, “Buka u modi”.

  • Lazar Odanović, consultant and international protocol expert

Longtime chief of protocol in Belgrade city council.

  • Milorad Jović, member of School Management Board

Longtime editor of RTS, editor in chief of Radio Beograd 202, editor on line RTS publication.

Guest Lecturers:

  • Simona Mirela Miculescu, Head of UN office in Serbia

Communication international relations expert with specialization in International PR and Public Affairs. Experience diplomat working in various countries and in UN Office in Ney York. Simona was the first woman as the Ambassador of Romania. Longtime spokeswoman for the Government of Romania, professor of international PR. Founder of the Romanian PR Association, founder of Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management, a longtime member of the Public Relations Society of America.

      • Antonije Pušić, interactive artist

Lecturer in the Creatology field, probably more famous as Rambo Amadeus, longtime musician, composer, writer, author, in one word: an artist. Creator of numerous campaigns in the fields of ecology and responsible attitude towards nature and natural resources. UNICEF Ambassador.

      • Tony Meehan, international PR expert

Longtime IPRA executive director, one of the leading worldwide experts in the field of corporative communication. Two-time winner of the Golden World Award for Excellence, worldwide acknowledgment in public relations. Member of the School Management Board.

      • Chris Farmer, international PR expert

MACH IV Consulting director, professor of comparative literature, lector in sKema Business School in China, column writer in Politika and blogger on B92. One of the Executive Group agency founders and Farmer and Spajić PR agency.

      • Istok Pavlović, on line communications expert

Founder and director of internet consulting ”Worldwide” agency, co-founder of several websites and creative director of numerous on line campaigns. Web marketing professor on Faculty for media and communications ”Singidunum” and writer of satirical texts on Njuz.net website.