Prvi Broj Zipplast Novina

During the end of October, first issue of Zipplast business newspaper was published. In this issue beside Zipplast business goals and plans, we wrote about Zipplast business partners, Zipplast meeting with the journalist, history of zippers and about zipper’s role in the fashion industry.

Statements for this issue gave leading men of Sirogojno Company, Atlas furniture and Adanko stickerei. People who spoke about Zipplast were Radisav Bogdanović, president, Ljubodrag Spasojević, director, and Jovo Rikalo, marketing director. About human resource management spoke to us Danica Bogdanović, work psychologist and current contributor for HR management of Zipplast. Special treat for fashion fans is Ashok Murty’s article about zipper’s importance in fashion.