Panel Predsednicke Kampanje

P.R.A. agency with its Public Relations Business School organized on 18th November at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce a panel discussion, which topic was presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Focus was on the communication plans of these campaigns and not on the politics. Participants were Srđa Popović, political activist and CANVAS executive director, Živorad Anđelković, consultant, Chris Farmer, Notapipe branding consultant firm director, Miloš Mitrović, editor of Danas news, and Milan Mišić, political commentator, correspondent from USA and former editor in chief of daily news Politika. Panel was lead by prof. dr Predrag Vujović, P.R.A. agency president and president of Creative Industry Association of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, and Dušan Rakić, Public Relations Business School lecturer.