Komunikacijske Vestine

As a part of the ²Multi Donor Fund for Justice Sector Support in Serbia², P.R.A. has with its Public Relations Business School organised trainings in the fields of communication skills and public relations during the ending of November and beginning of December.

In trainings participated spokesmen, spokeswomen and judges from Misdemeanor Court of Appeal, Court of Appeal in Kragujevac, Court of Appeal in Niš, Administrative Court, High Judicial Court, Supreme Court of Cassation, Commercial Court of Appeal, Basic Prosecutor’s Office, High Prosecutor’s Office.

Communication Skills training covered public appearance skills, active listening, assertive communication, nonverbal communication, message creating, in one word, efficient two-way communication. During two-day Public Relations training participants gathered skills and knowledge about Justice Sector PR, PR in crisis, organization of media events, writing of press release, online communication, as well as training in media appearance.

On final evaluation of both trainings, all of the participants ahieved good success and high scores.

At the end of the training and according to World Bank standards, which financed this project, participants rated the program and lecturers. All participants rated highly the quality of the trainings and lecturers, with average ratings of 4,64 (Public Relations) and 4,59 (Communication Skills) and expressed their great satisfaction with the organized trainings.

Lecturers of the Public Relations Business School, Predrag Vujović, Leo Ivanišević, Marko Stojanović, Nebojša Ćurčić and Mirjana Stefanović organized the trainings.