Vest Skola PR

Teaching of the 58th generation of the Public Relations Business School is about to begin. Beside PR practitioners from domestic and foreign companies, in the new generation there are more owners and directors of small and medium-sized enterprises who have realized the importance of strategic communication. Their goal is, as they pointed out at the inaugural talks, to introduce effective communication models into their companies. An additional motive for educating businessmen and entrepreneurs at our School are examples of now successful companies Bel Pagette, Lilly, Hleb i kifle, Buck, Danas conference center, I love Zrenjanin, whose owners were participants of our School while their companies were in development phase.

The aim of the School is to establish efficient interaction between professors and School participants and this is why the maximum number of students is 20 in one generation,. Classes begin on November 2nd and there are only a few seats left.